Bicycle Belle

Shop News

Just a note- we’ll be closing early today August 6th at 3:15.   Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.  It was either this of the first Tuesday of September, and with new bikes and back to school etc I think it’s better this month.

In other more exciting news, more bikes arriving every day.  The Paper Bicycles arrived last Friday, and they’re gorgeous!
I’m getting a large-ish order of the Bobbins, including some Brambles (External gear systems) to go with the Birdies, and a few of the men’s Bobbins- the Daytripper and the Kingfisher (in small quantities).   They’ll probably arrive next week.

I’m stocking up on the Papillionaires, including the new Mixtie.  At the moment I’ve been ordering them piece by piece, so it will be nice to have a larger supply.

Finally, the much anticipated Workcycles container is scheduled to arrive at the port of Boston on the 14th of August.  I’m sure it will be an adventure to get them through customs, delivered to the shop and put down in storage/ built up for sale.  I know that a lot of people are extremely anxious to test them, and we’ll get them built up as quickly as we can for rides and for sale.

As soon as things calm down a bit with the Workcycles, we’ll be getting the Xtracycle Edgerunners in in mid-September.

So all in all a busy two months coming up- hope you can come by and check things out!