Bicycle Belle

Baby Belle! And new faces at the shop

As anyone who’s been in the shop in the last couple of months has seen, I’m expecting a baby at the end of December.   Partly because of maternity leave, and partly because it’s the slow season, we’ll be on “Deep Winter” hours from December 18th, until mid March.  Hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 3-6,   Thursday and Saturday 10-6 and closed Sunday and Monday.

To that end, we have two new faces at the shop:

Cecelia learned about how stylish urban bicycling could be when she studied abroad in Copenhagen.   She “speaks architect”  and has made a huge difference in a short time in how attractively laid out the shop is. She’s been active in several local advocacy groups, and is looking forward to organizing a spring ride for the shop.

Jim is playing hooky from  him main job at our kindred spirit shop Harris Cyclery way out in West Newton to come in one day a week to handle mechanical issues.  He has an amazing collection of custom and vintage bikes (ask him about his Watertown made Orient!)  He’ll mostly be in on Thursdays, but call ahead in case there are schedule issues.

I’ll be checking email as I can,  but it may take a while to get back to you, so please be patient.  If you’re coming in from out of town, or absolutely can’t make the deep winter hours, please contact me to make an appointment.  These last almost 6 months have been a real adventure, and I’m looking forward to both motherhood and a full and exciting spring season when I get back.   We’ll have new Bobbins,  more Xtracycles, and more fun and useful accessories!