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DIY Spring Flowers for your Handlebars!


Guest post by Cecelia Cobb

Spring is finally here, and one of my favorite ways to welcome the new season is to dress up my bike!

I’m going to share how to add some colorful flowers to your handlebars. I was able to do this with a very simple set of tools and at an inexpensive cost. I’ve only had flowers on my bike for two days, and I’ve already gotten a handful of compliments. Now, let’s get set up and get your bike ready for Spring!




Things You’ll Need:

  • Some fake flowers of your choosing (I went to an arts & crafts store and I was able to buy four sets of “bouquets,” ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.) You can get all matching flowers or grab a mix, which is what I decided to do.
  • Electrical tape. I decided to go with green tape to match the wire stems and leaves that peek out beneath the flowers. I found it at our local hardware store for around $6.50.
  • Wire cutters to break down your bouquets into individual flowers.
  • Scissors. You’ll need these to cut your electrical tape and if you can’t get a hold of wire cutters, a strong pair of scissors might do the trick.


Now, Put it Together!




  • Use your wire cutters/strong scissors to detach the flowers from the bottom of their bouquet. There may be some extra plastic that you’ll want to peel away at the bottom of your cut stem so that it can bend more easily around the handlebars when you’re assembling. You can decide whether or not to keep the leaves that come with–I decided to keep them.




  • Start with one flower and wrap the wire stem around your handlebars. I started in the middle to make things easier. When you’re happy with the position of the flower, cut roughly 6 inches of electrical tape free and wrap it around your stem. You’ll want to leave a bit free towards the top so you can fuss with the final positioning.




  • Repeat the process by adding flowers on either side, working from the middle moving out. If you have a front light (which you should!) make sure to get it into position and work your flowers around it so that it can shine uninhibited.
  • Add as many or as little flowers as you like. As you add flowers, it will get slightly harder to wrap the electrical tape, so work from a lower vantage point to make sure you don’t accidentally tape down any petals. The nice thing about electrical tape is that it’s easy to peel up and reposition–take advantage of this!
  • When you’ve added all the flowers you want, you’re done!




Bask in the glory that is your gorgeous, spring-ready bike, and get ready for a flood of compliments. Happy Spring!



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