Bicycle Belle

Still Snowed In

I just got back from back to back trips out of town.  Neither unfortunately to (much) warmer climes-  One to Denver- where ironically they had less snow on the ground than Boston,  and one to Dallas, where we were stranded for 2 extra days because 1-1/2″ of snow shut the airport down completely!

While the snow isn’t gone by a long shot,  it’s starting to show signs of a thaw.  I was considering tackling the major project of digging out the Bakfiets, or more importantly the path from the Bakfiets to the front gate,  but then I realized that I was never going to get out of the front gate, because of this:


42″ tall snowbank, 3′ from my front gate

 I’d never make the turn out, and I’m sure not going to lift the bike up over the bank.  I guess once it melts a bit, I can start to carve a chunk out of it,  but today is not that day.

On a happier, note we are looking forward to spring bikes starting to arrive soon!  I also wanted to remind people that we’re a Velo Orange Dealer,  which means that we can order for you (at the same cost as on their website) anything they carry.  For those not familiar with their line, Velo Orange started as a manufacturer of hard to find replacement  parts for (primarily) French bikes.  Along the line they developed expertise in creating and importing useful and stylish and clever parts for all nationalities of bikes!   We always try to keep in stock a mix of their famous hammered fenders, chain guards,and handlebars. We sell a lot of super-useful double legged kickstands, and wheel stabilizers-  they’re practically required equipment on any Yepp seat installation.

We also have in stock a pretty good selection of their very useful small parts, which make good problem solvers for all kinds of installations.  L brackets,  draw bolts, fender stays, P clamps etc etc.  All in stainless steel and reasonably priced for the lifesavers that they can be!

During the season we place orders every couple of weeks  so if you’re interested in a particular handlebar or fender size, we can get it in pretty quickly.