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Installing a Clarjis Bakfiets Canopy

While the KR8’s come with the hardware for attaching a Clarjis canopy already attached,  I know I’ve not been able to find an English set of instructions for where to put the hardware and how to install the canopy on a bike.  So here goes-my crack at a tutorial.  All the dimensions are pretty flexible,  and I determined mine by measuring someone else’s so it’s not anything like an exact science.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have all the hardware-  it should look like this:



I don’t actually know what the two pieces that seem like rubber hose (bottom center) are for- I would love to find out if someone knows what they do.

A couple of general tips about drilling holes in your bakfiets:

The first hole is the hardest,  they get easier after time :)   That said, no one wants extra holes or holes in obviously wrong places.  I put a piece of scotch tape (blue painter’s tape works too)  approximately where I want the hole, then mark the location on that with a Sharpie.  Pro tip- you can remove reasonably fresh Sharpie marks with Purell.  You can mark the wood too,  but a bit of tape helps keep the drill bit from sliding.  The screws aren’t supposed to go all the way through the box (no pointy bits sticking where kids might be sitting) and ideally you don’t want the holes to go all the way through either-all you need is a pilot hole to get the screw started.  A quick “depth gauge” is to put a piece of tape, with a 1/2″ “tail”  on your drill bit at a distance a little less than the length of the screw from the end of the bit.  When you get to that depth, the tape will hit the wood, and make noise before you drill deeper.  Sorry for the out of focus shot- turns out it’s hard to modify focus when taking pictures of your own hands!


Next, I’d install the flexible “boning” into the canopy itself.   Be careful when cutting the tape which holds these pieces together- they are REALLY whippy and can hurt you as they release from the tightly wound circle they come in.  Even though I know this, and am very careful,  I’ve whacked myself more than once- you can’t be too careful, and it might help to have a helper to prevent them from violently uncoiling.

The shorter spine goes front to back, and the longer one forms a hoop at the back edge. There are pretty clear loops for the ends, and intermediate loops that you want to feed the stay though.  It helps, especially when installing the spine to bend it “convexly”  or inside out.   Important-  the end loops on the long piece will extend several inches beyond the canopy itself- that’s by design.

Next, you want to mount the rest for the “spine”  inside the front of the box.   Center it,  and I’d mount it about 1″ down.  It really doesn’t matter if it’s exact.



At this point, you may want to place the canopy on the box just to get the general idea before installing the four attachment “buttons”

The front of the spine sits on the block you just installed.

And the back edges sit on the seat, inside the box, while the edge of the canopy is outside the box. It’s possible to put it on without the seat installed (as when you have a car seat installed in the box) but the canopy may slump a bit without the extra support from the bench.


Now, on to installing the four buttons that you actually attach the canopy to. You can use the dimensions I’ve given below,  or if you prefer, you can loop the rubber bands into the grommets on the canopy, then pull the buttons to approximately where you like them.

The front ones are a little easier, because you will only mess with them when you completely remove the canopy.  Aproximate dimensions 4-3/4″ down, and 1-1/2″ in from the inner edge of the side.  Hard to get an exact dimension because both the surfaces are sloping.

IMG_3860 IMG_3863IMG_3862When you’re done, the rubber band will loop over the button like so!  Repeat on the other side of the front wheel.








The back is a little harder, because you want them quite a bit further down the face of the box, and therefore the slope of the box is harder to correct for when you measure.  Better to measure up from the bottom instead of down from the top because the bottom edge is flatter.  But it’s basically the same idea as the front.  11-1/2″ up from the bottom edge of the box,  and 4-1/4″ in from the outer edge of the box.

IMG_3875 IMG_3874 IMG_3877





The center flap is held onto the edge with velcro- you can detach it and roll it up (there’s a clip to hold it)  for ventilation and better communication with your kids


The finished product looks like this!  Just add kids, and extend your biking season several months.

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One thought on “Installing a Clarjis Bakfiets Canopy

  1. Lisa

    It looks like you did such a good job! Taking the children out for a ride is quite a delight. And to be able to do it in whatever season, that’s much better.