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Workcycles Sale****


Have you been dreaming of  a Workcycles bike, but the price was just a bit out of your range? Were you looking for a color combo that can’t be missed by even the least attentive driver?   Well Workcycles is having a (rare) sale on some special limited edition bikes, and they’ve extended the pricing to their dealers, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles and costs of self-importing a bike.

There are, of course, some asterisks!  

Let’s get the fine print out of the way first.

* They have a number of set “special edition” packages, and cannot customize them for the sale prices. I’ll list the basic packages below, and you can see more details at their website here.  Our ability to change the packages is extremely limited.  (we will be able to get front Child Saddles for example)

**  Colors are limited to black with “poison frog” green details.  See photo of a “Straight FR8” above, different models have slightly different green/black color combos- again, check out their specific descriptions here.  KR8 will have green fenders, fork, Escape Hatch (removable rear dropout) and cable cover on steerer tube.  Box cover in green, and special black and green canopy included!

*** The additional credits for accessories that they offer in their blog post are not offered to dealers.    We will offer however the following options for accessories- free bright green Child Saddle, or Abus City Chain Plus in 85cm with purchase of Fr8 or GR8,  and Abus Granit City Chain X-Plus in 110cm with purchase of KR8 or KRV8.

****Bicycles MUST be ordered by Thursday January 28th.   We need to get our order in by the 31st, and it takes a couple of days to do that because of the different time zones and the back and forth that  needs to happen in finalizing an order.  We’ll need a $1,000 deposit for Fr8/ GR8’s, a $1,500 deposit for KR8’s and a $3,000 deposit for the KRV8.  The other caveat is that they’re building these in batches when they have time to fill in winter dead spots, so this is not going to be a rush shipment.  I don’t think you can count on these bikes arriving before May.  We’d love to be pleasantly surprised, but there are no guarantees on timing.  If you have detailed questions about specific options or the possibility of changes, PLEASE  email Carice at  special requests will have to go through her to Workcycles anyway, and it will be much faster to email directly rather than call the shop, leave a message, get that message to her, wait until the baby is asleep, find that she needs to ask you for clarification,  but it’s 11PM, etc etc  :)

Now, for the fun part-  the options!

The FR8 Straight,This is basically our standard spec- 8 speed IGH,  front and rear roller brakes, generator lighting, full chain case, long rear rack, and frame mounted front rack- a fantastic bike, Normally retails for $2,500 in this configuration,  on sale for $2,100, including either free Child Saddle or Abus 85cm CityChain lock.

The FR8 Uber Deluxe  Comes with 11 speed Alfine hub, Magura hydraulic rim brakes, Brooks Saddle and upgraded generator lighting. We’ve never carried this configuration, so we don’t have a “normal” price for it, but I’m guessing it would be upwards of $3,000.   On sale for $2,650, plus includes either free Child Saddle or Abus 85cm CityChain lock.

The FR8 El Cheapo.  This is a 3 speed coaster brake bike.  Coaster brakes are a love/hate thing, and we don’t normally stock them.  If you love them,  and only need 3 speeds, you can have a FR8 for under $2K,   On sale for $1,750, plus includes either free Child Saddle or Abus 85cm CityChain lock.

Alotta FR8  This bike has several of the modifications suggested for heavier riders.   This is an 8 speed COASTER brake hub-  with front hand (roller) brakes,  Heavier duty tires and wheels, and a custom wood crate.   Sale price $2,300- plus includes either free Child Saddle or Abus 85cm CityChain lock.

The GR8 Straight.  Like the FR8,  but slightly shorter wheelbase and lighter bike.  Slightly shorter rear rack than what we normally carry on the GR8’s we order.  Normal price $2300,  Sale price $2,000, plus includes either free Child Saddle or Abus 85cm CityChain lock.

The GR8 Uber Deluxe,  again like the FR8 UD,  Sale $2,600 including either free Child Saddle or Abus 85cm CityChain lock.

The GR8 El Cheapo– see FR8 notes above-  coaster brakes!!!   Sale $1,700.

But Wait,  there’s more! The best for last!

The KR8 Straight package is an incredible deal.  For less than the cost of the normal KR8,  you get the same KR8 spec that we normally stock (8 speed, front and rear roller brakes)  but it also includes a flat box cover (normally $150)  AND a weather canopy for carrying kids (normally $350).  and we’ll throw in a 110cm Abus Granit City Plus chain- the highest security chain Abus makes, in a length convenient for even a bakfiets.  Would normally be $4,200 including the canopy, cover and lock- Sale Price $3,400!

And introducing the long awaited KRV8–  the KR8 with electric assist we’ve been waiting for!  New for 2016, in the tradition of Workcycles quality, this bicycle has an amazing specification for the price!  Mid-drive pedal-assist motor,  Nuvinci continuously variable hub, Magura hydraulic rim brakes.  This bicycle will retail for $6,000 without the flat cover or canopy,  sale price is $5,700 including cover, canopy AND Abus Granit City Plus chain.