Bicycle Belle

Nutcase Helmets


At Bicycle Belle, we love helmets that don’t make you look like you took a wrong turn from the Tour De France.  Sure all those high tech swoops and scoops may keep your head cool when you’re riding 30MPH,  but when you’re at the grocery store, well,they’re not so “cool.”   Fortunately safe doesn’t have to mean sporty or stodgy because Nutcase Helmets are here to help you and your family love your brains. Nutcase helmets are famous for their fun patterns like ladybugs and the Union Jack.  in addition to the  eye catching styles, they have thoughtful details like reflective logos/rivet covers and a spin dial adjustment system for maximum comfort. They also have magnetic buckles which are easier to click together–especially for kids still working on their manual dexterity.

We carry the “Little Nutty ” for kids, the Street helmets for Adults, and the extra light “Baby Nutty” for the littlest heads. We’re so excited to have these helmets in the shop!