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Workcycles FR8








The Workcycles FR8  (Freight)  is a cargo bike, Dutch style.   With a slightly longer wheelbase, slack dutch geometry,  robust tubing and heavy duty front and rear racks, the FR8 can carry just about anything you ask it to: kids, boxes, adults needing a ride to the T.  Cushy wide tires and lowered 8 speed internal gearing, and oversized frame tubing make it perfect for Boston’s bumpy pavement.

The standard frame fits riders from about 5′ to 6’8″  and the extra-strong “Cross” frame supports riders up to 7’0″  (the Dutch are tall people). Like all Workcycles it comes with front and rear roller brakes (enhanced  with heat sink fins to prevent overheating on long laden descents), generator lights, full chaincase and rear wheel lock for quick stops.  Available frame mounted child saddle (in front of parent) and extra-long rear rack allow carrying up to three kids on the bike.

FR8’s are back in stock as of October 24, 2014!