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Workcycles GR8








The GR8  (Great!)  is the latest bike from Workcycles.  It has the relaxed geometry of a classic dutch city bike, with the ability to easily carry two kids, or a giant load of groceries in comfortable relaxed style.  The little brother of the FR8 city/cargo bike, with a slightly shorter wheelbase and lighter weight, the GR8 is comfortably equipped with wide tires for city riding, fenders, and a full chain case.  Front and rear heavy duty roller brakes, 8 speed Shimano internally geared hub, and generator lighting  make it a hassle free ride in all weathers.  Little details like a rear wheel lock,  double legged kickstand and spring stabilizer for the front wheel are the kind of hard-to-find details that make a European city bike such a practical transportation solution.

Modular accessories like extra long racks, front carriers, and frame mounted kid saddles, allow you to customize the GR8 for general city riding, child carrying duty, freight hauling or all of the above.