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Biria Bicycles


Biria is our newest addition to our fleet of city bicycles. Biria started their journey in Germany before expanding into North America, and their focus has always been combining utility and style. We currently carry their CitiBike line in both classic and step-thru style frames.

biria women 3 orange

The Biria CitiBike 3-speed step-through in Orange.

The step-through Biria CitiBike  comes with many perks! This bike boasts a cushy seat and matching fenders, partial chainguard, and both front and rear racks. They come in a variety of colors depending on what gearing you choose, including red, orange, yellow, celeste green (a nice shade of teal), blue, cream, slate, and black. This bike is available as either an 8-speed derailleur with a 16″ or 19″ frame, or as a 3-speed internally geared hub in a 17″ or 19″ frame.

biria men 3 grey

The Biria Classic 3-speed in Slate.

The Classic Biria CitiBike offers a diamond frame alternative to the step-through model. It comes with a similar set of amenities, including matching front and rear rack, fenders, and partial chainguard. The Classic CitiBike is available in olive, cream, slate, and black and comes in a 18″ or 21″ frame (fits riders roughly 5′ 5″ – 6′ 2″). As like its step-through counterpart, this bike has both an 8-speed derailleur and 3-speed internally geared option, and colors are dependent on the model.


The Biria CitiClassic in Chrome.

The Biria CitiClassic is a more forward-leaning counterpart to the CitiBikes. It’s a great option if you want something that functions as a zippy city bike and also can use for longer rides. It’s available in a small and large frame size, has a 3-speed internally geared and 8-speed externally geared option, and is available in any color (as long as it’s chrome.)

Biria Easyboarding Black

The Biria Easy Boarding in Black.

The Biria Easy Boarding bicycle was made for anyone who wants to get on a bike, regardless of age or mobility! This step-through frame is as low as they go, with step-over only seven inches from the ground. We carry the Top 3, which is a 3-speed internally geared bike with coaster brakes and a front hand brake. This bike is available in two frame sizes fitting riders roughly 5′ 1″ – 5′ 10″, and we carry it in black and red.