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Bobbin Bicycles


Bobbin Bicycles were created to meet the demand for steady three speed bicycles of the past, without the maintenance hassles of a vintage bike. Bobbin is based in London in the UK and we quite like their British style and sensibility.


The 2014 Bobbin Birdie in Red.

The Bobbin Birdie channels the classic Raleigh sports: steady enough to comfortably navigate whatever life throws at you, sprightly enough to get there quickly, and stylishly fun in bright colors, including red, powder blue, sage green and seafoam.  In stock in 17″ and 19″ frames with 3 speeds and an internally geared hub.


The 2014 Bobbin Bramble in Azure Blue.

We also carry the Bobbin Bramble.  The Bramble has a straight step-through frame and a 6-speed rear derailleur, and is available in a classic gold-green as well as an azure blue.  It’s a little more forward leaning and more gears allow for better hill-climbing. We currently have them in a 19.5″ frame.


The Bobbin Daytripper in Cobalt Metallic Blue.

For a classic diamond frame, we carry the Bobbin Daytripper. Bonus points if you come into our shop to check it out while the song is on! In 20.5″ frame in cobalt metallic blue with 3 speeds and an internally geared hub.