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Bobbin Bicycles


Bobbin Bicycles were created to meet the demand for the steady three speed bicycles of the past, without the maintenance hassles of a vintage bike. The Bobbin Birdie channels the classic Raleigh sports: steady enough to comfortably navigate whatever life throws at you, sprightly enough to get there quickly, and stylishly fun in bright colors.  In stock in 17″ and 21″  three speeds are $649 including lighting, and five speeds are $699 including lighting.

Bobbin Bicycles

The Bobbin Birdie in Pale Yellow

We also carry the Bobbin Shopper.  Shopper bikes were common in England in the 30′s and 40′s.  Small wheeled but mighty, they fit easily in a hallway or in the trunk of a car, but thanks to the frame mounted basket and sturdy rack, can haul a significant load.  Lighter than a full sized city  bike, they’re easier to carry up a flight of stairs. $550 including lights

Bobbin Bicycle

The Bobbin Shopper in Olive

We will also be getting the Bobbin Bramble  in late August/early September.  The Bramble has a straight step-over frame, and a 7 speed rear derailleur, and is available in a classic gold-green.  A little more forward leaning and with more gears for climbing hills.


The 7 speed Bobbin Bramble