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Yepp is a Dutch company that makes award-winning seats for carrying children on bikes.  The fun colors and robust soft construction (the same material as Crocs) are rapidly making them the standard for people who bicycle with kids on a regular basis. We carry three models: the front mounted Mini for use with children up to 33 pounds; the Maxi, a rear-mounted seat suitable for children up to 48 pounds; and the Junior, a minimal rear-mounted seat made for older children up to 77 lbs.


The Yepp Mini.

Many parents find that riding with a child in a front seat is much more interactive. The child sees what you see and you can easily point and discuss as you go along.  The Mini is available “standard” to attach to traditional “quill” style stems, and there is an adapter to fasten securely to threadless stems.  We carry napping pillows, windscreens and other products to help your toddler enjoy a ten mile an hour hug.

Yepp Maxi and Gazelle

The Yepp Maxi.

For larger children, the rear mounted Yepp Maxi is available in two versions: the Standard for bicycles without a rack, or the Easyfit, which mounts onto any rack with a weight limit of at least 55 lbs.   For the Standard, you attach a brace to the seat-tube which then supports a rear platform onto which the rack attaches.  For the Easyfit, you bolt an adapter to your rack, allowing you to snap the seat on and off easily and quickly. Yepp has won awards specifically for its intuitive design. It also features a lock so you don’t have to worry about the seat being stolen when you leave it outside. We carry extra adapters for both styles in order to easily transfer a seat between bicycles. A few of our bikes are also designed with the Yepp Maxi in mind: both Xtracycle and Kinn are made with racks that specifically fit the Easyfit Maxi. The Yepp works on many bikes and is compatible with all of our city bicycles.

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We also have the long-awaited Yepp Junior seats for older children up to 77 pounds. The seat has a sleeker design since older children are able to hold themselves up and it keeps the set-up lightweight. The mounting device is the same as the Yepp Maxi Easyfit, so the Yepp Junior can be easily installed and removed in minutes. The Junior comes bundled with a high capacity rack with a built-in Yepp window, as well as skirt-guard panels to keep little feet out of your spokes. Come check out this awesome kid-carrying solution!