Bicycle Belle

Workcycles Bakfiets (KR8)



Workcycles Bakfiets or “Box Bikes”  are sometimes called the minivan of the Netherlands.  They are versatile machines for carrying precious cargo: a couple of toddlers, a case of wine, an AC unit, you name it. The box in front can carry around 250 pounds, and it’s geared low enough to handle most of Boston’s terrain even with a heavy load. Despite the long length, handling is surprisingly stable, cornering and tracking in a similar way to normal two-wheeled bikes.

All our bikes come with 8 speed shimano internally geared hubs and front and rear roller brakes.  Thanks to the angled seat-tube the bike adjusts to fit riders from about 5’2″ to 6’8.”  The all-weather marine plywood box comes standard with a kids’ bench seat, complete with two shoulder harnesses.  The ultra sturdy double kickstand keeps the box stable enough at rest that kids can climb in and out on their own.  Like any Workcycles bike it comes standard with a host of features like full chaincase, front and back generator lighting system, heavy duty rear rack, and wheel lock. Raised kid canopies, a second bench, and electric assist are available as well.