Bicycle Belle

Xtracycle Edgerunner





Xtracycle is the original “longtail”  cargo bike.  Xtracycle invented the concept of adding an extension truss to the rear triangle of a regular bike, moving the wheel back and providing more space and stability for cargo.   After years of supplying kits for people who wanted to convert their own bikes, they created the Edgerunner complete cargo bike.

The Edgerunner is a game changer in world of longtails. The 20″ rear wheel lowers the centers of gravity, which vastly improves handling with kids on board.   The step-over is slightly lower than other longtails too, which makes mounting and dismounting with a heavy load easier.  We generally stock a full range of Edgerunner models and sizes in the shop – call to see what we have on the floor at any given moment.  Of course we also keep a full range of family accessories in stock!

We also both stock the \;h;3rBosch Equipped “E” electric models of Edgerunner and are a BionX dealer for retrofitting assist.   Electric assist makes a cargo bike into a complete car replacement for many people.

 Please contact us if you have questions about a specific setup! Our goal is to match people up with the bike that will fit them best and we’d love to talk you about your specific situation.